What is DPoster?

43″ Digital Advertising Floor Stand Display Android

Full HD 1080p Playback Resolution
Captivate your audiences with a 43” digital advertising floor stand display with wireless capabilities! Enhance your visitor experience with your custom e-poster promotions.

Digital Poster
Optimum Technology offers a wide variety of digital poster including LCD digital poster, SMD LED Digital poster and Interactive Digital Poster.

Eye level free standing poster system
Standalone poster stands or KIOSK offers chain retail stores a unique and compelling way to attract customers to their premises

Digital Advertising Floor Stand Display

Our Digital Advertising Floor Stand Display is perfect for your advertisement needs. It offers Full HD 1080p Playback Resolution so potential customers see your message with crystal clear clarity and is very useful with advertisements with lots of color and animation. With WI-FI integration your message can be seen, placed, or changed anywhere within multiple locations and can show either the same or different advertisements simultaneously.

From our headquarters, we can administer when your advertisement is displayed. This is incredibly useful for rush hours when it is beneficial to display that advertisement at that time. Our Digital Advertising Floor Stand is perfect for announcements, new upcoming products, different services, information about the store or company, etc. With its beautiful and sleek design, this is a perfect tool to attract attention and get your business on the map!

Don’t have any content to display?

Don’t worry! We also offer designers and content creators to help you make an effective advertisement that is attention grabbing so you can acquire future potential customers or can make necessary changes to an already existing advertisement. We got all the bases covered for you. So don’t delay! Order today your Digital Advertising Floor Stand Display to get your business heard!